It says “should work” their words, not mine for all OS Xs from Failed to load extension de. Once it runs then it runs till the next reboot. There I want to see the Midex in white border. Thank you very much! However, after this excellent timing performance, I was disappointed to find that the current Midex 8 drivers are not multi-client, at least not when using the standard Windows MME driver interface.

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Posted September 6, The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Publishers or Editor.

Nor can these technologies overcome the serial nature of MIDI itself: Once the drivers have been installed, any standard MIDI application can use the Midex 8 in the normal way.

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Configuring a DAW

If you quit Parallels does continue to miex Steinberg say this is compatible with This partly compensates for the lack of any dedicated patchbay features such as those offered by Emagic’s AMT8 and Unitor 8, though you will need to use an external PSU if you want to use this feature when the computer isn’t powered up. There is no technical support available for these releases.

Posted August 29, Several weeks agao, I had midsx go with my ancient Midex8 on El Capitan and it seemed to work somehow. The Midex 8’s timing also seemed fairly consistent as I loaded the other ports with MIDI data, while that of standard multi-port devices tended to get worse as more and more data was sent to them.


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A three-metre-long USB cable is also supplied, which should be adequate for most studios. Windows ME supports multiple Midex 8s.

You need nac be a member in order to leave a comment. I had no problems at all using the Midex 8, and the timing certainly sounded very tight — but is it actually better than a standard MIDI interface? MIDI musicians out there? Hi there, since the post is quite old, i’ll leave you my report. This will let you use the interface without powering up your computer, which could be useful on occasion.

The Midex 8 is an ‘end’ device, so each one you plug in will need its own USB port.

The rubric next to the Mac version of AI 5 says ‘This installer does not require a previous installation’ but for me, the install got stuck halfway through as it seemed to need a disc inserting. Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. What is the reason for the OS failing to load it? mieex

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I can see their point, but it does mean that if you want the timing of LTB with sync features, you’ll either have to buy an audio card with sync capability, or an expensive stand-alone product such as Steinberg’s Timelock Pro as well. I’m sure many musicians will agree with their priorities, micex reading between the lines I suspect Steinberg may still manage this with a future driver release.

Data can be sent from multiple ports simultaneously, which is a big improvement over a standard serial or parallel-port MIDI interface where mxc more ports there are, the more the delays can accumulate.

MIDI musicians out there? Midex 3 & Midex 8 issues – Other Peripheral Devices – InsanelyMac Forum

Expansions for VST Instruments. With the standard interfaces, timing varied by up to 2. This won’t bother kidex, but it will affect those musicians who want to run stand-alone synth editors alongside Cubase. But we want it to run! This inofficial driver can be installed at one’s own risk. Martin Walker checks out an interface from Steinberg which should solve this problem — at least for users of their sequencing software