AdWeek lauded the stunt as a huge success, and cited these results in making that claim:. I understand your point about earned media, and that does have value. Voice Over , Scott Peat Request Demo Learn More. Sorry, we only accept work mail accounts. My point being that the ads need to serve a different purpose depending on the specific situation of each company.

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With Esurance DriveSense, you can earn a personalized discount based on how you drive. I would rather see them look for ways to develop an ongoing relationship with all the people that started following them just to have a chance to win some cash.

It comes down, once again, to breath and depth. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the people that engaged with the brand immediately after the ad likely had no loyalty toward the brand, they just wanted to win the cash.

Not on the High Street. I think it is useful to look at GoDaddy — I wrote a post this week that evaluates direct sales that can be attributed to their superbowl ads but also brand recall and company growth over time. Voice OverScott Peat Submit ONCE per commercial, and allow 48 to 72 hours for your request to commerccial processed.

That Esurance Super Bowl Stunt and Finding the Real Value of Social Media |

And the success we see is tough to replicate—Old Spice tried to return to the well of social but with much smaller outcomes. Video Rosie Arnold looks back on her career and explains why she never wanted to start her own agency. There was actual interaction between the brand and the consumer—not just sweeps entries. That esurnace be the best way to create real value from this stunt.


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A couple is about to enter the building for a proper gathering when their sorta valet driver, dressed like Evel Knievel, goes on a wild ride in their car.

Augie makes a good point about goals and approach to biz — are you trying to market or are you actually social, in a world where social is so much more than selling? Sorry, we do not accept free email accounts. Submissions without photos may not be accepted.

That Esurance Super Bowl Stunt and Finding the Real Value of Social Media

Video Everything you need to know: I liked commerdial Old Spice, other brand campaigns. Video What does it take to grow your digital audience today?

This article is about: How well does Esurance convert these new followers and visitors into customers? Augie Ray has an exhaustive analysis of the social sharing results Esurance saw from this stunt, and is critical of the rush to laud these results as being a sign of a win:. On the other hand, if Esurance found a way to stay engaged with those new website visitors, then that does have value for the brand.

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Esurance Commercial – The Real Speed Race – video dailymotion

From the Talent Zoo message boards to this. Ready for the big time? In my opinion, while there are similarities TV ad sparking online engagementthere are more differences.

The Drum social breakfast. AdWeek lauded the stunt as a huge success, and cited these results in making that claim:.

Esurance stunt proves to be best non-Super Bowl ad

Also, after studying and teaching social media marketing over the past 5 commercil, it has become apparent that public relations stunts help get brands earned media attention for several weeks or months. And if I were shopping for a new policy, would the fact that I remembered Esurance doing this prompt me to want to do business with them? People saw content they wanted to share. For companies that are already mainstream brands, like Bud Light and Kia, a SuperBowl ad need to take consumers from aware to action and have a clear value prop.

And to me, this is the key point.