The most notable is the price. Write a comment below. The mirror also reflects the camera lens Pomegranate flower’s reflection. I think that such card was ordered by some assembler who then brought them to the gray market, and quick dealers made use of it. Part 2 – Tests in DirectX 9.

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VSync off, S3TC off in applications. The Awakening Legend Ent.

The low-level cards will be tested as well. PowerColor’s solution has a black sink with a fan in the center typical of the PRO.

Memory is expensive, that’s right The same PCB comes with cheaper and slower memory 3. Please enable JavaScript to sapphhire the comments powered by Disqus.

I’m well aware that development, researches, scientific works, designing requires a lot of money. I’m not going to blame anybody but believe me, I do have the reason. Do they think that wages are getting higher that fast?

Cards used for comparison: You can see from the headline that there are bit cards based on the SE and there are bit models. We will see that the SE can be used for different PCBs to get different cards atlantie under the same name. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. The Second Encounter v.


Display Adapters – ATI Technologies Inc. – SAPPHIRE RADEON 9200SE ATLANTIS Computer Driver Updates

But such cards weaken sales of Sapphire’s PRO based cards, that is why they can quickly disappear. That is why the card has the bit memory bus. It’s the intrigue of the Chinese card makers who were allowed to use the cullage for the internal market only.

Part 1 – Game tests in 3DMark, and Soft! Today we’ve got an interesting suite of video cards.

PassMark – RADEON – Price performance comparison

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Test results: Test results Before we start examining 2D quality, I should say there are no complete techniques for objective 2D quality estimation because: Cards used for comparison:. Pentium 4 MHz based computer: Video 3Digests Video cards: I think that such card was ordered by some assembler who then brought them to the gray market, and quick dealers made use of it. If you call a coffee-pot a tea-pot, it won’t change its functions.


I think it’s one of Sapphire’s tricks ATI shuts its eyes to.

Sapphire RADEON 9200 Atlantis graphics card – Radeon 9200 – 128 MB Series

In most cases the cards sell in OEM packages, i. The Awakening Test results: In our 3Digest you can find full comparison characteristics for video cards of this and other classes. But ATI has nothing to do with it.

It makes a wide range of high-quality products, but its solutions often have unpredictable combinations of core and memory clock speeds and memory bus bandwidth. Part 2 – Tests in DirectX 9. It was such a great trade mark!