Paul April 9, at 8: Are you ready to level up your game? It could be that you need a racquet with different characteristics than NS In the meatime, i changed it for a Voltric 70, i still have pain to my shoulder but can play again. Nanospeed 3UG5 Availability: It shares this feature in common with the Arcsaber Z Slash. Let me know what you choose.

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With the help of this types of racket badminton player can place the shuttle in more control way. Freeman It culd be this racket is too stiff for you.

Badminton Racquets – NANOSPEED Series, High Speed, Control | YONEX

What were your thoughts? What would I be losing from using that racket instead of my NS?

So please have your technique checked. As that appears to be a well liked good racket we may well go for that.

Lamia-farjana August 8, at 7: Want better gripping and superior maneuverability? It may not hit as hard as a Voltric naanospeedbut it does a very decent job. What you have done is get a completely different racquet and changed your tension at the same time. Lamia-farjana July 26, at It shares this feature in common with the Arcsaber Z Slash.


The performance on the NS is as what u have describe. Have you used this product? There is no such thing as a best racquet — only the best for your game right now.

Nanospeed Badminton | eBay

YONEX Badminton Rackets Guide YONEXthe leading brand in badminton nanozpeed manufacturing and most innovative company in racket sports produces quality badminton rackets for professional, advance and entry level badminton players.

Before move to YONEX rackets series, it is recommended to read article on badminton rackets basics and its components. Badminton racquet Yonex Nanospeed with extra lightweight graphite construction 2-year warranty Selected variant: Once I made the adjustment, the racquet delivered every time, although I would have liked the extra string tension. You may find that you need to consider changing the string tension to get more from the racquets, but you certainly have a good collection.

Yonex Nanospeed 9900 Racquet Review

ASP July 5, at 8: Lamia-farjana August 9, at Thanks very much for your review. You see as players we are all different.

I would also recommend you take a look at my video on testing shuttle speeds. The fact you are playing with plastic shuttles suggests a lower tension will be better.


It really is a matter for testing and feeling for yourself whether feels good or not. NONOpreme technology helps in developed the ultra slim shaft which gives better stability and more rebound as compare to traditional badminton rackets. Both are completely different racquets as you aware of. Hello paul thanks 4 ur comment. Can I suggest you that you borrow a racket that is strung at this tension to get a feel for it first.

Paul March 26, at With Sonic metal New titanium allow material which is lightweight in nature is positioned at top on the racket frame. Lamia-farjana August 6, at Obviously he would be best trying a racket but this is not always so easy to do and it seems best to at least identify the best candidate rackets before trying out. Kenneth November 14, at 7: Slight head heavy balance for smashing but this is subtle.