But the software is very basic and pretty ordinary. The price of the Passport drives all models changes frequently. I’ve noticed that when you shuffle through all the reviews, all the brands suck or fail or are horrible. As per the documentation with this device: The problem came after I decided to reinstall XP on my C: Does not require external power which is a bonus I’ve seen reviews where the user has had problems with their laptop not being able to power the WD hard drive on.

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My Xp would tell me there was something connected to the USB port, but it didn’t know what the hell it was.

When I got home to my desktop computerexited to try it out. And asked for a driver. I’ve used it on multiple desktops and multiple laptops with no issues at all, but you’ll have to try it on your own system. The first one failed on me. Formatting will erase the data currently on the drive, so make a backup The Lacie Little Disk has a cover that comes off, but the Aegis avoids detachable parts altogether.

No problems to date.

On regards to installation instructions there where to graphics. Carry important files and e-mail between work and home or on the road Share large files between office and home, between PC and Mac Back up your existing notebook hard drive digtal extra data safety Features: As per the documentation with this device: I did not like the product, although I do think WD makes some of the best computer components on the market.


Only wish the USB cord was longer.

Western Digital Wd2500xms-00 250gb USB External Hard Drive – Very Good

It is small, light, quiet and has plenty of space, and install was a wx2500xms of cake. When I got home, my drive was connected and now it was working properly. The rubber flap to protect the usb port from dust or wd2500xmd getting wet or whatever is a good sentiment, but doesn’t look slick enough to fit with the rest of the drive, which is probably why they didn’t keep it for the Passport Essential.

Shouldn’t a power boosting cable be included with the unit westeen the first place??????? So I’m confused on this. I ended up having to return the unit because it was ejecting digiral for no reason and I couldn’t even get any data into it.

Good looking, cheap for the size GBsturdy for the price, very quiet, reasonably fast, blue power indicator looks cool, especially on the piano black body. It fits westerh my purse and is nice and light Put it in your briefcase, put it in your safe, take it with you anywhere and keep a copy of your data. I went with the simple smartdisk firelite and found it to be perfect for a mac The software I could download?

You choose the folders, it keeps them up to date, and you can save your “profile” so that each batch of data ie, if you use different computers is kept separate. Use it mostly to carry my virtual PCs around and to have backups when in need. I’ve seen reviews where the user has had problems with their laptop not being able to power the WD hard drive on.


You should check before buying it, if you use it with a loptop. A week later I have mine in my pocket and it falls out onto the carpeted floor, needless to say, thats the end of it with all my relevant info trapped and unreachable.

Western Digital Wdxms gb USB External Hard Drive – Very Good | eBay

Wish WD comes with a GB passport hard drive. No computer can read the drive again. I brought my Passport for backing up my computer and using for “portable office files” that I need to do business. This time I don’t even get the install hardware message from windows, just another message that tells me there’s something there but the system doesn’t know what it is and it probably won’t work properly My information is valuable, and don’t trust this harddrive with my recycle bin.

I have a large wd5200xms of movies and and music, so i have two hard drives from western digital and i am loving it. All the Cons I have listed are purely my expectations and wish list and hence are not critical. Worked right out of the box with my Windows Vista Laptop.