Cover it with some red tape. When purchasing the adaptor be sure to get the correct type. Discover MyPhilips Register for exclusive benefits. The lens unit incorporates the lens and an infra-red filter, but we will no longer use this for astrophotography. You control the zoom entirely via the on-screen interface while you are looking at the image so you can adjust it perfectly. I recommend you become familiar with the operation of the webcam and its software under normal conditions before you start dismantling it, because after removing the original lens you will not be able to focus the image unless you put it into your telescope. Order and invoice don’t match up so it’s going back.

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K3CCDTools does offer controls to eliminate “planet off-screen” frames but it just makes things easier like this, and saves on disk space too. Is there another article for modifying the Logitech Pro for basic astrophotography, along the lines of the above?

Ultra sensitive sensor technology for working in darkness The ultra-sensitive high quality CCD sensor ensures natural looking images even in darkness.

March 20, at The supplier soon replaced my order with the correct part.

A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

Face tracking automatically follows your face The state-of-the-art camera software automatically detects your face and moves the lens to follow you as you move.

Using you software’s Preview mode, see if you can get an image using the webcam. An Ebay is crazy expensive.

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The Logitech modification was intended for another task for autoguiding which is not required for imaging planets: Digital Natural Motion pholips eliminate juddering effects Philips invented Digital Natural Motion to eliminate juddering effects that are visible with moving picture content.

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Yes, the Neximage does use the sensor, but webcams with the same chip tend to be cheaper. Set the camera to motion detection mode when you leave the house and it will only start recording when movement is detected in the room.

SPCNC and Logitech Pro and models have been known to perform well because they are equipped with a far more sensitive sensor: Try to make sure your adapter is threaded for filters since many webcams have the IR filter built into the lens and you will of course be removing this lens to fit your adapter.

But pnilips again, I feel hesitant to recommend that method. You can also use it with the webcam for home monitoring, motion detection and web casting. Also be careful when inserting the adaptor into the webcam that you do not overtighten it or the nozzle might hit the CCD chip and damage the clear face of the chip.

Visit the support page for your Webcam SPCNC/27 | Philips

Sign in Already have an account? You can also use it with the webcam for home monitoring, motion detection and web casting.


Digital Natural Motion estimates motion in the picture and corrects juddering movements in both broadcast and recorded movie material such as DVD. Make a habit of always using the same USB socket to plug into. When purchasing the adaptor be sure to get the correct type. Eteny on Lunar Eclipse on July ;hilips.

Remember not to over-expose the image captures. For Gamma try changing it in such a way to make the image just a little brighter. Share your video with friends and family or broadcast it across the Internet. And the better the camera settings and exposure times are set to give a good spread of data in that 0 to range for each pixel, the more chance you have of dividing out the subtle details of dim objects from the general background skyglow.

Do not use any Barlows or Focal Reducers yet, just phikips the webcam on its own first.

Webcam SPCNC/00 | Philips

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