Maybe unrelated but I know in the past I’ve also seen issues with connecting to shares around windows networks where sometimes a name won’t work but an IP will and sometimes the IP won’t but the name will. Created on Jun 4, I am unsure which of these two fixed the problem. I’m leaning towards the reboot, but since I also was in fact low on disk space I wanted to go ahead and mention it. Why is that and what can I do about it? Add comment Created on Jun 16,

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Lo and Behold, the WMI xould started working again. I guess its not as jarring as a full reboot, and you can do it pretty quickly with usually no ill effects, or notifications.

AAA, NAC, Guest Access & BYOD

Please share website feedback. We looked at the server where the probe is running and there lpgin a lot of Kerberos errors in system log, all related to the PCs which were suddenly not reachable.

Up Down Hi All, tried everything from the above tips but still having the same issue. Communicaation comment Created on Jan 15, 3: Created on Jul 20, 9: Add comment Created on Aug 19, 1: Created on Jan 15, 9: Last change on Jun 4, Created on Nov 19, I estanlish tried a WMI troubleshooting and everything is ok.


PRTG tries to rebuild a faulty connection immediately, then again after 10 minutes, then after 20 etc.

What is the requirement of TCP port with OnGuard agent? – Airheads Community

You are invited to get involved by asking and answering questions! This way if the posture changesOnguard will be able to communicate CLearPass of the change. Created on Dec 29, 7: Up Down Hi, we also had this problem coming up and disappearing again. So besides the already mentioned ideas: What’s weird is that nothing at all changed on the probe or the monitored machine.

Only after I had entered the credentials including the PC name directly in the devices’ settings, the WMI sensors began working correctly again.

If nothing helps, even restarting the target and repairing the WMI on it did not help, please consider installing a Remote Probe directly on the target. Add comment Created on Dec 16, 1: Two possible fixes that worked for me: I gave done as Sander suggested: Add comment Created on Jun 14, 1: I went as far as creating new sensors of the same type on the same device but the new ones likewise reported the same PE errors.


What can I do about “Connection could not be established” errors on my WMI sensors?

Up Down We here at Paessler’s are constantly working on improving PRTG in order to discover, identify, avoid, circumnavigate, and be as tolerant as possible about these errors without compromising the main mission of PRTG, of course. The community discussion forums are waiting for you.

Was this article helpful? We have a Server with wmi and other sensors. Created on Oct 15, 5: Please reboot target device exchange Created on Jul 20, 6: Add comment Communicatioh on Oct 16, 8: Created on Jan 25, 9: