Retrieved March 27, Boecklin’s main inspiration into becoming a percussionist came from his enjoyment of Metallica , Primus and Ministry. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. The 15 songs were then played for producer Colin Richardson who wanted to begin tracking immediately. Anyone who knows Devil Driver will be well aware that they are famed for their circle pits, and with it being Download Festival, and the sun shining, the band decided it was time to attempt a world record for the largest circle pit recorded at a gig having had a previous attempt at the same record in I caught up with the band over the course of the weekend to chat about how they were enjoying the festival and what we can expect from them in the coming months, be sure to check out our interview later this week.

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Where are they now? In the center of the pool, audience members formed a circle pit or a whirlpool? The album was produced at Sonic Ranch Studios, a 1,acre 5.

DevilDriver: The Journey from California to Success

I caught up with the band over the course of the weekend to chat about guinnses they were enjoying the festival and what we can expect from them in the coming months, be sure to check out our interview later this week.

Will rock bands perform at the Grammys again soon?

Bookk the pit was pretty spectacular to watch from the safety of the hill, we will have to wait until those boffins at Guinness World Records HQ decide whether it makes it into the book before we can start calling them record holders.


Fans mosh around a fire at a Bullet For My Valentine show.

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At their Download performance, metal band DevilDriver reportedly got 25, fans to create a circle pit in front of the stage. In what might be the nerdiest discovery of mosh pit culture, Cornell scientists discovered that moshers behave like the molecules in a gas, moving and bumping into each other at recorxs speeds.

July 6, [54] Label: It explains my life”. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town.

This announcement officially ended the ten-year relationship between Bpok and Roadrunner Records. Perhaps realizing that the record offered some dangerous hearing-damage incentives, Gunness stopped tracking this particular world record soon after. On January 7,it was announced that past member Chimaira drummer Austin D’Amond had joined the band as the new drummer.

Devildrivdr wife had a book by Italian witchcraft author Raven Grimassi on Stregheriaand came across the term “devil driver”. Archived from the original on November 3, The Official Charts Company.

Guinness’ Rejection Of Circle-Pit World Record Crushes Dreams Around The Globe

And — even though this didn’t end up as an official record — I still think it’s awesome how at ‘s Download Festival, Devil Driver tried to classify one of their circle pits as the biggest in history, but were actually denied by the Guinness Book of World Records.

NET does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. Is this something that you could call a fire pit? We are afraid to say that we are unable to accept this as a Guinness World Record. Exodus or Nuclear Assault? Video Of Stockholm Concert. Five of the Loudest Bands Ever.


Devildriver Attempts ‘Largest Circle Pit’ Guiness Record; Video Available –

Or how about when Ozzy Osbourne led a Dodger Stadium crowd of over 52, revildriver setting a record for the longest scream by a crowd?

On February 18, Dez announced on his Twitter account that Chris Towning who has been filling in on bass for the past year has been made the band’s official bassist.

devuldriver Head on to Heartache Released: This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat They were anticipating recording them in October—November and Spring-Summer for a release date later in May 13, [53] Label: To report spam or any abusive, obscene, defamatory, racist, homophobic or threatening comments, or anything that may violate any applicable laws, use the “Report to Facebook” and “Mark as spam” links that appear next to the comments themselves.

After finishing their Melbourne show, they announced that their new album would be released August 11, The band played for the first time as a headliner in the Burning Daylight Tour. Head on to Heartache