So I will wait and see what the sellers reply to that is. I used the Altec “Bridged-T” filter in a prototype for another design just last week. No, create an account now. One “problem” that’s fairly obvious on these non OEM phragms are the lead in conductors. Log in or Sign up.

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ZilchMay 15, Thank you Earl Cogito ergo sum? The way they sound now, I would not want to hook them up to my sound system,they sound more P.

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Is this type of diaphram any good for hi-fi?

Thanks for your help Earl!! HiFiCanadaMay 8, Anyone know the difference between NE and ND? I think the e was a high power pro crossover. RussellcMay 9, The author of that thread was pretty succesful using 8 ohm drivers with the following RC contour circuit added after his NF network. All times are GMT HiFiCanadaMay 10, However, there are a couple of ND crossover networks on sale on Ebay.


I think the part number is Interesting and a good find. If the is 16 ohm you will probably have to build your own crossover. I think I’d ask that eBay seller for partial refund, something sounds fishy with this whole deal. So I will wait and see what the sellers reply to that is.

A long, but quite worthwhile read on the Lansing site. All times are GMT Hanging from the porch of the ranch house, they’d make a worthy dinner bell to call the hands, but firmly secured, that’s what the holes are for, resonances are minimal.

algec Sending the drivers back through the boarder can be a pain. A big thanks to Earl K and Zilch for the information! Never take them apart like this unless you get them recharged. Call GPA for a quote on remagging and installing new phragms, you might be pleasantly surprised, you might also inquire about current price, and the new re-release of the alnico G and it’s price.

Altec 802D

HiFiCanadaMay 10, The other drive diaphram that can play loud looks good. One “problem” that’s fairly obvious on aptec non OEM phragms are the lead in conductors. Could not find the spec sheet for the NE, not I could find them on the web. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Log in or Sign up. EarlK ps ; If it’s this eBay purchasethen send them back 8022d get your money returned to you before it’s too late.

JE Labs: Altec 2-way horn system redux

Oh one more thing, be sure to bolt the to alfec wood to dampen the ringing. The obvious tilt of the voice-coil “off-of-perpendicular” shown in the above picture just about guarantees that this diaphragm is rubbing within the gap which helps explain its lower output.

ZilchMay 13,