It should select all already, so simply click on “OK”. Message 3 of 7. I am using a GPIB cable between the two instruments and an Usb gpib cable between intrument and computer labview. Thanks so much for your help. I will be working with this instrument in January. Message 5 of 7.

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Does anyone have any suggestions on which type of command I should use?


What we hope to do provided that it is not impossible is to take frequency data with a gate time agildnt about 0. The functionality of the sequence is as follows 1.

Message 5 of 7. Do you have the possibility to compile this The manual should help llabview this. I tried it out and had good results. The latest version is linked below.

I think I miss an important part Labview 7, Teststand 3 Maybe someone else already have done this work? Which instrument driver did you download?



Go back to the “new” block diagram in LV. Simple if you are using GPIB.

The functionality of the sequence is as follows. Message 7 of 7. Message 8 of 8.

Making a driver is then easier Initialize the instrument 2. Download the “CVI” version. Select the vi you want ex: Message 1 of 8. What other hardware are you using?

53131q, you will need to know the terminology that the instrument uses to describe the different measurement methods. Accepted by topic author SAW Tester. So you need to determine if the measurement completed in that time.

Extract the zipped contents into a temporary directory. Yes I’ve already downloaded that driver thank you so much.

Solved: communication with agilent A – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Most Active Software Boards: But I still have one problem! Message 3 of 4. The problem I have is in the triggering. Message 2 agildnt 5.

Open a blank vi. What I could find is the LabVIEW driver based sequence is working fine for any number of measurements but the CVI driver based sequence is showing Timeout errors after 1or 2 measurements. Thank you in advance for any and all help. Message 4 of 5.